All-round service provider

ACC BEKU GmbH has a network of suppliers that has been in existence for many years and enables the company to procure all current, commonly used raw materials and container types.
We happily take on your quantity-based contracts at your producers and process your enquiry as an all-round service provider.
The type of container used to supply us with the raw material as well as container size and material are of no importance. Whatever material or container you require, whether it is plastic, multilayer, glass or sheet metal, IBCs, cannisters, hobbocks, bottles or tins, we shall try our utmost to comply with your wishes.


Volume from 10 ml/gr up to 1.000 L/kg

TKW-Filling and Decanting in IBC or barrel, of course from barrel/IBC in TKW, too.

NEU - Filling in Bag-in-Box - NEW


Liquid, paste-like and flammable products from 500 L/kg up to 16.000 L/kg batches

Handling of raw materials

Bulkaufnahmen from TKW (tank trucks) in own tank storages, Warenannahme von Stückgut wie IBC und Fässer; Zwischenlagerung in Wärmekammern

Verpackung inkl. Etikettierung

  • Blech- und Kunststoffverpackungen
  • Flexible Verpackungen in High-Tech-Folien und Bag-In-Box
  • Etikettendruck (s/w-und 4c-Papieretiketten) per Laser und Thermotransferdruck


  • Begleitung von Scale Up/Ramp Up Prozessen
  • Probefertigung ab 100 L/kg
  • Herstellung/Abfüllung unter Stickstoff
  • Rohstoffhandling unter Steueraussetzung im Steuerlager