Production at ACC BEKU GmbH

Possible Batch Sizes

ACC BEKU GmbH can produce batch sizes from 100L/kg up to 16,000L/kg.
In our own laboratory we can run trials with quantities of up to 10L/kg; industrial-scale manufacturing starts at 100L/kg.
The company can produce batches from 100 L/kg up to 1,000 L/kg using mobile batching tanks and batches from 1,000 L up to 16,000 L/kg using stationary mixing reactors.
In order to prevent humidity from affecting the mixing process, nitrogen is applied to water-sensitive products.

Processable raw materials

Raw materials with the following parameters can be used for blends:

Density (liquid) from 0.6 g/cm³ up to 1.4 g/cm³

Viscosity from 0.6 mPa-s up to 6,000 mPa-s

In addition, we offer to dissolve solids in liquids.

We can assist you with the procurement of raw materials from the following range - and always have some of them in stock. Move your mouse across a group of substances to find out more.

  • Solvents
  • Isocyanates
  • Amines
  • Specialities (additives)

Mixing tools:

Products can be made with the help of dissolver disks, double-layer dissolver disks, kneaders as well as wing and propeller tools.