Packaging and Labeling

Full Service Label Design (FSLD)

We use the terms FSLD to assist our clients with the production of legally acceptable labels for hazardous substances that meet the special requirements of chemical products. This includes but is not limited to transferring the information from the safety data sheet to the label as well as checking the labelling information provided by the client.

We are also happy to help our clients with label design. Through our network we can arrange contacts with our partners who can produce and monitor safety data sheets.

We can apply data that is relevant for production purposes to blank labels by, for example, using our in-house thermal transfer methods.

Through our sophisticated digital printing system, we can offer clients self-adhesive labels and 4-colour printing. Using a very good network of suppliers we can swiftly procure affordable self-adhesive roll labels.

Whatever labels we apply, we always guarantee the use of chemical-resistant types of paper and film.

All-round service provider

ACC BEKU GmbH has a network of suppliers that has been in existence for many years and enables the company to procure all current, commonly used raw materials and container types.

We happily take on your quantity-based contracts at your producers and process your enquiry as an all-round service provider.

The type of container used to supply us with the raw material as well as container size and material are of no importance. Whatever material or container you require, whether it is plastic, multilayer, glass or sheet metal, IBCs, cannisters, hobbocks, bottles or tins, we shall try our utmost to comply with your wishes.