ACC Beku GmbH introduces itself

The family and its history

ACC-BEKU - Herstellung und Vertrieb chemischer Spezialerzeugnisse GmbH based in the beautiful town of Edenkoben in the Palatinate region of Southwest Germany is a company looking back on many years of tradition.

Bernhard Kunz, Gründer

After its foundation in Ludwigshafen in 1922 by the brothers Bernhard (see photo) and Nikolaus Kunz as Gebr. Kunz GmbH, Chemische Fabrik, the company initially dedicated itself to the production and sale of chemical paint stripping pastes sold under the brand name of "BRENNOFIX".

Helmut und Christel Kunz, 2. Generation

In 1966 Bernhard‘s son Helmut Kunz and his wife Christel took over the reins of the company and increased the product range by adding chemical de-coating pastes to the paint strippers. In 1974, the company started selling the pastes under "private labels". A specialisation process followed in the late 1990s, which led to the handling of isocyanates, the use of nitrogen gas for filling purposes and the filling and re-filling of inflammable substances. In 1989 the first customer entrusted ACC BEKU GmbH with his formula for contract manufacturing. Those customers have remained loyal to ACC BEKU until today, which shows the immense trust in the skills of the company.

Matthias und Sabrina Kunz

In 1997 the company based in Hassloch (Palatinate) passed on to the third generation. Helmut’s son Matthias, who has been working for the company since 1994, takes on the running of the company together with his wife Sabrina. At that time, the company changed its name to ACC BEKU - Herstellung und Vertrieb chemischer Spezialerzeugnisse GmbH. The two components of the name stand for: ACC = A Chemical Company and BEKU = Bernhard Kunz. The first part was to position the name as closely as possible to the top of the alphabet (Google was not yet used on a grand scale and address data bases were listed in alphabetical order on CDs) and the second part honours the memory of the company founder Bernhard Kunz.

The new owners were breathing new life into the company, buying 4.2 acres of land in Edenkoben in October 2007. The building work started in March 2008, to be followed by a test run in December 2008. The last steps to acquire the final operating licence were taken in December 2009. A project finished on time and within budget. Allegedly, there are building projects where this is not necessarily the case ...!

The darkest hour for the company began at 6 am on 8 February 2017 when a large fire broke out that burned down the new built extension facility and the shop floor. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but the material damage amounted to millions of euros.

But the family did not give up. On the contrary: A phoenix only achieves its full beauty when it rises from the ashes! A small section has already been rebuilt so that ACC BEKU GmbH can put all its energy into starting to tackle the future.

The existing hall construction has been expanded to the north as early as April 2019. The new building was completed as planned and inaugurated in December 2020 with a first large-scale production. In the newly created mixing and filling hall there is now a 16-ton mixing container and a barrel and IBC filling system.

ACC BEKU GmbH now also has the option of efficiently transferring tankers into smaller units; we can now innertize atmospherically demanding products with nitrogen from our own production. NEW at ACC is the ability to produce ultra-pure demineralized water. As an ISO-certified company, this represents a real USP.