The customer is our number one priority: The products supplied and the services provided by us comply fully with the requirements of our customers. The support of ACC BEKU GmbH enables our customers to run their business efficiently and successfully.

Our partners and suppliers are integrated into our production processes as if they were part of the company (development of supplier partnerships to ensure high standards of quality from the very start).
Our executives consider our QM system and any resulting priorities concerning their actions as an essential part of their management role. They are role models for all employees and, as such, fully accept their responsibility for continued improvement processes.
Our employees see themselves as competent and responsible experts when it comes to their respective tasks/process responsibilities. Hence, they deliberately shape their working environment in a way that shows their responsibility for continuous improvement.
Our environment forms the basis of our work which is why safety aspects and the responsibility for the environment as well as compliance with statutory rules and regulations underpin our Actions.
Our company is secure because, based on sustainable earnings, we can continue to advance the technological progress as well as develop our skills and our employees, which enables us to strengthen our position in the Marketplace.
Our development does not only consist of extensive technological progress in line with the requirements of our customers but it also means developing our in-house skills and processes towards greater efficiency and productivity as well as encouraging our employees to increase their competencies and qualifications.
Measurable success enables us to further develop the principles and benefits of our quality assurance policies in a way that is transparent, can be communicated and controlled, as well as initiate the corresponding measures and make our employees embrace them.